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Welcome to Creative Narrative Counseling & Coaching, LLC. I want to commend you for having the courage and strength to reach out for help with the challenges that you are presented with. I look forward to working with you on your pursuit to wellness. Here at Creative Narrative Counseling & Coaching, LLC, I strive to meet the demands of today's client by offering intake, assessment, sessions via current technology (video conference, telephone, e-mail, text, or chat) for online counseling and coaching. All sessions are provided at your convenience in the private, confidential setting of your choice. I believe that everyone has a story and finding meaning in that story helps us to identify realistic goals for living our best life. Thus, my focus is on ensuring that my services afford clients with the opportunity to learn skills, such as addressing and resolving problems, coping with challenges, learn how to make decisions, learn how to explore and enhance their relationship with others, gain personal insight, learn how to process inner conflicts, and much more.

I believe that everyone has the right to feel confident and empowered! Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world and sometimes we need a little help to help us remember just how powerful and important we truly are. My role is to help you discover this as we work collaboratively together to help you move towards your identified goals. It is also my belief that everyone can change their narrative and create their own life story, written and told by them and them alone, as they move towards positive change. I encourage my clients to be brave, to live life unapologetically, and to be empowered!

I respect my client's values, beliefs, and personal resources, all of which are considered as we explore this journey together towards a better future. I pride myself on having the passion and drive for working with clients to assist them in resolving their problems to help promote growth and wellness. I understand that starting the counseling or coaching process can be seemingly scary and I offer my continued support throughout the duration of the process. I give my clients my undivided attention, in which their needs are first and foremost. I look forward to beginning this road of discovery with you!

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