Telebehavioral Health

In meeting the demands of today's client, I am offering intake, assessments, and sessions via current technology (video conference, telephone, e-mail, text, or secure messaging) for distance counseling and coaching. All sessions are provided at your convenience in the private, confidential setting of your choice.

There are several benefits to receiving services via telehealth to include:

  • You can save time from commuting to and from your appointment.
  • You can have flexibility in your scheduling.
  • You will likely experience less anxiety from fear of running into someone that you may know in the waiting area of an in-office setting.
  • You will likely feel more comfortable in a familiar place of your choosing, increasing your level of comfort to trust the process and disclose information.
  • You can attend your sessions without having to make accommodations for any physical or mental limitations.
  • You can attend sessions if you reside in a remote area where counseling and/or coaching services are limited.
  • Eliminates social stigma associated with receiving counseling. You may feel less stigmatized without been seen by others in the lobby area, due to you receiving services in the privacy of your own location.

Telebehavioral Health lessens the anxiety sometimes experienced in traditional in-office settings.

Email us using "Contact" link to get more details about HIPPA compliant/secured telehealth sessions.