16 Sep

There are times when we get stuck in our feelings of sadness, loneliness, or we may even start to feel overwhelmed as we lose ourselves to others/things in our environment. Have you ever thought to yourself, “I feel alone and unsupported?” Perhaps you may have thought that no one ever seems to listen to you or do the things that you would like to do.  Maybe your boss is giving you unrealistic amounts of assignments with important deadlines. Your friends may only want to talk about themselves and dismiss your concerns. You may even feel stuck in your current job due to being afraid to venture out into a career path that really resonates with you.

So how do you become empowered and take the steps towards putting yourself first and becoming the person that smiles back at you in the mirror?

Learn to ADVOCATE FOR YOURSELF!  You must learn how to become your biggest supporter and not rely on the validation of others. Did you get the job that you really wanted today, most especially after being financially burdened or emotionally burned out at your previous job? Treat yourself for achieving such a huge accomplishment. Take yourself to dinner or a movie. Buy yourself cupcakes, lite your own candles, give yourself a great hooray speech, blow those candles out, and be empowered! This does not mean that you become isolated and not share your excitement with others. It simply means that if no one seems to be supportive of your accomplishments, you learn to support and celebrate yourself instead of wallowing in self-pity, which can influence symptoms of depression.

Advocating for yourself means that you learn how to become your biggest fan and start to put your wants and needs at the forefront. You learn how to set appropriate boundaries with yourself and others in your environment. You learn how to hold yourself and others accountable for how they treat you. Most importantly, you learn how to be in control of yourself and your responses.

Counseling can help you discover how to become an advocate for yourself and live life unapologetically. Perhaps you need some encouragement on getting started...life coaching can help as well!

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