30 Aug

Our identities are shaped for us from birth and continues on as we move throughout the life span. As a child you were probably told, “You act just like your father,” or “you are shy and do not fit in well with others.” Statements like these become our dominate themes in life and we go on living in these assigned narratives…narratives that we respond to based on the stories that others have prescribed to us.  You may feel that you cannot make new friends because you were always told that you were shy and did not play well with others. Because of this assigned narrative, you may start to feel shy and uncomfortable around others and experience symptoms of anxiety. Additionally, you may feel that because you were always told that you act like your father, it means you have to walk in his path. 

Changing your narrative means that you get to be in charge of your life. You get to be the author of your story and re-write how you want things to go. You get to take your pen back from those who have written your narrative, mark threw it, and write your own story. Changing your narrative allows you to be self-aware and create your own identify. You get to choose whether or not you want to live your life in a negative or positive manner. The belief that your shyness prevents you from fitting in can be re-written.  Perhaps you can begin to challenge yourself by sitting next to a stranger and starting up a friendly conversation. You may even go to a busy restaurant and dine alone to challenge yourself, versus avoiding crowds adhering to the assigned narrative that you do not fit in well with others due to your shyness.

Changing your narrative is key in discovering your identify and being in complete control of yourself. It allows you to let your guard down and not worry and the judgments of others because they are not in charge of your narrative…you are!!

The use of narrative therapy allows individuals to learn how to re-author their story and live their lives based on their own narrative, and not by the stories that others told about them. It allows individuals to see themselves as separate from their problems, which allows them to be able to live their lives according to them and not others. You are not defined by anxiety, you are a beautiful person who copes with anxiety. You are a person who enjoys life, loves to be around family, and rescue animals. At times anxiety likes to tag along side of you but you push it away when necessary and does not allow it to create dysfunction in your life. Change the narrative!

Make an appointment to see a licensed counselor to help you learn how to change your narrative so that you can begin the process of living your best life!

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