31 Aug

Have you ever taken a moment to assess yourself, in regards to your free will? It’s easy to say, “I am free and owned by no one;” however, how true is that statement? Today you drove to work at your own free will, you may have stopped by Starbucks for your usual order at your own free  will, and perhaps, you turned to your favorite radio station to really amp things up a bit before going in to the workplace…at you own free will. But, did you take a moment to assess your mental health?

How free are you?

A shift in mood can be our body’s way of letting us know that danger is near and that we need to do something to counter this danger. It’s easy to sit in that shifted mood, which can present as feelings of anxiety at the thought of having to deal with a messy co-worker, a micromanaging boss, or customers who are always right, most especially if we do not have the tools to learn to cope and manage these feelings. When these feelings are left unprocessed, we get stuck and lost in our thoughts and fears…

So are you really free? Is your mind held captive by consistent thoughts of fears of the unknown, thoughts of what if’s, or self-doubt? Are you taking on the responsibilities of others and left feeling empty and opaque? How much of yourself are you pouring into someone else and it’s not reciprocated?

How free are you?

Take a moment and rate yourself. A rate of could indicate being stuck in bondage by whatever it is that holding you back from freedom, either mentally, physically, or emotionally.  A rate of 5 could indicate that you’re between feeling stuck and moving towards freedom. A rate of 10 could indicate that you are at peace and free mentally, physically, and emotionally.

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