12 Sep

Have you ever doubted yourself and the abilities that you possess? Maybe you are scheduled to take a huge test and you’re worried that you may fail. Perhaps you’ve always seen yourself as the lesser person in your friendships, relationships, or even work environment. The key to gaining more confidence is discovering yourself.

All too often we find ourselves in a state of loss of control. We worry about things that we cannot possibly change, which impacts our self-images and influences negativity in our lives. When we see ourselves as less than, we allow things to control us. Maybe you’re in a relationship where you have no voice. You may tell yourself that you stay in this relationship because you cannot do better. Perhaps you’re told that you cannot do anything right, no one else will want you, and you’re just not pretty enough!

Once you realize that just how powerful you are, you will become empowered and nothing can stop you. Discovering who you are takes strength and courage because you do have to challenge yourself to set clear boundaries for yourself and others. The person who tells you that you are not good enough may need to be exiled from your life. But what if this person is your mother? Then you may have to let your mother know what you will and will not tolerate by setting clear boundaries

You control your life. You control who is and is not a part of your life. You have the power to be who you want to be. All of this is done through discovering who you are, which can start with you simply setting boundaries!!!

  • Practice saying NO when you do not want to do something.

  • Be assertive. Express your wants and needs and expect them to be adhered to.

  • Take time for yourself. Stop worrying about everyone else and do what you want for a change.

  • Explore new things. Challenge yourself to do something that you’ve always wanted to do but hesitated because of self-doubt.

  • Love yourself. If you do not like who you are…YOU have the control to change it. Never settle for less!!

Be brave, live life unapologetically, and be empowered!!

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