21 Mar

These past few weeks has been quite an adjustment as we face the COVID-19 crisis. For parents with school age children, you have been forced back into school as you navigate the uncharted waters known as e-learning. Additionally, your children’s daycare centers have probably enforced some changes to help keep their staff and your children safe. Your job has likely implemented a few changes as well to help maintain public safety due to the COVID-19. Let’s not even think about the horrors of trying to find important items in the grocery store. It is highly likely that your anxiety level has been near or through the roof.

I want to encourage you to engage in self-care routines to help ease your frustrations, worries, and feelings of being overwhelmed as you adjust to your new normal for the time being. Remind yourself that you are:

  • Powerful
  • Knowledgeable
  • Deserving
  • Patience
  • Understanding
  • You can do anything within reason that you set out to
  • You are loved
  • You will get through this adjustment
  • You are human. You deserve to feel what you are feeling but you will not let it get the best of you!
  • You are beautiful
  • You are strong
  • You are brave
  • You will overcome

My hopes are that we will get through this crisis soon and return to our normal, healthier ways of being. Please do not let the COVID-19 stop you from receiving services. You can schedule an appointment anytime by calling me at 864-293-8123, sending an email at www.creativenarrativecc@gmail.com, or by visiting my website at www.creativenarrativecc.com and sending a message through the “contact me” message page.

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